Personal Taxes

We all need to file a personal tax return each year, and most of us look forward to the task with the same fervour as going to the dentist. Never fear, our experienced team can help.

We prepare tax returns for individuals. If you own a non-corporate business, we will also include its taxes on your personal return. We will prepare your taxes correctly and include an analysis with suggestions for the next tax year.


You might not have the time to do all of your bookkeeping yourself, or you might be worried about accuracy. Either way, we’d love to help.

Proper tax filings begin with well-recorded transactions. You won’t have accurate tax returns if you’ve forgotten to track all of your income and expenses. We can keep track of your transactions and help you prepare accurate financial statements for your business.

Corporate Taxes

If you own a corporation, you know that taxes and record keeping can seem difficult and endless. We get it, we’re a corporation too, and we would love to help you!

There are many tax deductions and credits available to businesses, and we will help you take advantage of all of those available to you. We will also provide an analysis for you that offers suggestions for the next tax year.

About Us

Rita, Suzanne, Melanie, Heather, Kara, Lily, Tara, and each of the animals residing around the office are all eager to meet you!

Everyone here at Rita Tully CPA CGA works collaboratively and as a team to ensure that your experience with us is as seamless and pleasant as possible. Rita embraces technology and works diligently on keeping the website up to date and informative for you. We have embraced paperless processes with all of the necessary back office processes to ensure that your data is protected and backed up.

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