Personal Taxes

Get Your Personal Taxes Done Right—Without the Headaches

We all need to file a personal tax return each year, and most of us look forward to the task with the same fervour as going to the dentist. Never fear, our experienced team can help.

We prepare tax returns for individuals. If you own a non-corporate business, we will also include its taxes on your personal return. We will prepare your taxes correctly and include an analysis with suggestions for the next tax year.

Keep More of Your Own Money

There are many deductions and tax credits available to individuals and businesses. In fact, there are so many that you may not be able to keep track of them all. Don’t pay more tax than you need to. We can help you maximize your deductions and tax credits so you get to keep more of your income. We will also ensure you don’t make mistakes that could get you into hot water with the CRA.

If you want to use our personal tax preparation service, please contact us.


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